Cluster de calcul BeoWulf

As a part of the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics, the Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism perform fundamental research combining
state-of-the-art experiments with new theoretical developments. For several promising new theories and for ray-tracing simulations of a
novel scientific instrument concept, there is a need for increased computational power. Due to easy parallelisation of the computational tasks, we chose to build a custom cluster from consumer hardware. This “Quantum-Wolf” cluster will provide 5 times more GFLOPS/CHF
and consume less W/GFLOPS than a conventional fast-interconnected Xeon-based cluster.

Key figures:

96 nodes, 384 CPUs
9.6 TFlops (synthetic, benchmarking will follow)
4.8 kW
312 CHF/ node

Technical description:

96 nodes connected through two switches. The selected hardware:

Components Model Number
CPU Intel i5-3350P 96
Motherboard Gigabyte H61M-S1 96
Memory Patriot DDR3 1333MHz 2x4GB 96
Power supply FSP AURUM GOLD 600W 12
Fans Arctic Cooling F12-PWM 60
Ethernet cables Roline Kat. 5e Kabel 1m 96
Ethernet switch Zyxel XGS1910-48 2

Test setup

A test setup with 4 nodes was assembled. Hardware, operating system and actual compute performance was verified and design optimised.

The four motherboards were powered using a single power supply connected through a custom built PCB. The total electricity consumption was 50W per node measured using a power-meter before the bower-board.

LQM grateflully acknowledges support from Steg Electronics

Benchmark results:

Benchmarks and records will be posted here