Surface Physics and Low-Dimensional Systems

Surface Physics and Low-Dimensional Systems


Professor Harald Brune”s research program focuses on the exploration of the novel physical and chemical properties arising when metals shrink to the nanoscale. Starting from a detailed understanding of epitaxial growth, derived from variable temperature

Femtosecond dynamics of Cooper pairs condensate in superconductors, melting dynamics of quantum solids, dynamics of surface electric fields in nanostructures and membranes.

Self-organization of nanostructures, optical properties and electron transport in low-dimensional quantum structures, quantum wire and quantum dot lasers, photonic crystals and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers.

Nanoscale science, self-ordering phenomena and in chemistry and physics of surfaces and interfaces

Many-body physics and optical properties of electronic excitations in semiconductor nanostructures. Quantum optics and photonics. Quantum gases and collective phenomena.

Theoretical and computational physics of Dirac fermion materials (graphene and topological insulators) with strong emphasis on their prospective technological applications.